Initial House Cleaning Assessment
When you contact us to discuss pricing and the services we provide, we will schedule an appointment with you for your initial house cleaning assessment. This BessWay Cleaning assessment is free of charge and is scheduled for us to learn more about your personal needs, walk-through your home and discuss the services we provide. We will then tailor our services to meet your needs.

Once the initial house cleaning assessment is completed, you will know more about the eco-friendly products we use and how much we will charge for your deep cleaning and your routine cleans.

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning your home is the most detailed type of house cleaning. The deep cleaning occurs when you wish to freshen up your home for guests/family or when you move in or out of your home. In addition to the routine cleaning of your home, our deep cleaning services include ceiling to floor cleaning, blinds, light fixtures and more.

Routine Cleaning
The routine cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your home, apartment, condo or office and starts after the initial deep cleaning. You may choose from our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly routine house cleanings depending upon your personal needs.

Client Protection
BessWay Cleaning Services is bonded & insured for your protection. All of our employees also go through a thorough background check before hired.

Contact Us
We can be reached at 615-584-7843 to schedule your initial cleaning assessment. BessWay Cleaning Services guarantees all our work. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will come back and clean the area(s) that did not meet your expectations.

What do we do with our pets when you come and clean?
We do not mind pets as long as they are friendly, and well behaved (non aggressive). It is your option whether you keep them caged, out in the open, or in a closed off room.

Is their any extra charge in your price if we have pets?
We loves animals! We consider them to be part of your family, and feel that you having pets should not be an extra charge.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is as follows: 24-hour notice is needed for all cancellations (if cancellation for that appointment is not made within 24 hours then a $25.00 fee will ensue).

Can I schedule a recurring service to come out to my home every two or three weeks?
We are very flexible with your busy schedule. We provide our clients with many options. You can schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service on a regular schedule. We also provide an every three weeks service.

Do I have to be home when you clean?
You do not have to be home when we clean. However we would like our clients to feel as comfortable as possible so leaving a key under a mat, or leaving a back door unlocked would be fine. However if you are not home be sure to leave payment and instructions if any for the cleaning team.

What are the payment options?
The payment options for your cleaning are cash, check or credit card paid on the day of service.

Do I get the same crew coming out to my home each time or is there always someone different?
We always send the same crew to your home. If there happens to be any changes in our policy we will inform you of the change at least a week before your next scheduled cleaning.

Do you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?
During the assessment and quote process we will determine whether we use your cleaning supplies and equipment or if BessWay Cleaning will provide the cleaning supplies and equipment.

How much do you charge per hour or square foot?
Our pricing is always fair to you the home owner or business. There are several factors that influence the cleaning price. Configuration, size of home/business, number of bathrooms and number of spaces but mainly it is determined by the mutual agreement between the client and BessWay Cleaning.

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